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The Family Violence Counselling Program is a service funded by a compilation of different Ministries that address the dynamics of intimate partner violence within relationships. The program works in cooperation with the family, the community and other service providers to identify and address issues of violence within the family system. The emphasis upon service is that violence is a choice and that each person is affected by violence in the family differently. The program works actively with victims of abuse by focusing on safety, recognizing the difference of abuse and healthy relationships to assist in making decisions that will allow people to live violence free in the future. The use of both voluntary and non-voluntary services demands a varied continuum of service, which has necessitated effective partnerships with our service partners including the Children's Aid Society of Oxford County, Domestic Abuse Services Oxford, Ingamo Homes, Probation and Parole, the Crown Attorney's Office as well as both police services in Oxford County.

For more information on any of our programs please call 519-539-1276 extension 380. Referrals can be made by community partners or self referral by calling.

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The Children Exposed to Family Violence (CEFV) program is offered to children/youth, ages 5-12 who have been witness to abuse in their family.  The purpose of the program is to provide children with the opportunity to process and understand the use of power and control that they have been exposed to. The group supports children in understanding the different types of abuse including emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse and helps children to explore and identify feelings in the areas of family changes, shame/guilt, grief and loss. Children receive information about accountability and responsibility for their own behaviour including positive problem solving strategies and coping skills. Finally, enhancement of self-esteem is an ongoing topic throughout the group.

Healthy Relationship Group

The Healthy Relationships Program is a group offered to young women ages 13-18. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for adolescents to talk about and address their concerns regarding teen dating violence. The program covers topics including: evaluating relationships, gaining assertiveness skills, understanding violence and the use of power and control in intimate relationships, healthy conflict resolution strategies, and building a positive sense of self-esteem. The group supports young women in understanding the dynamics of abuse and offers an environment for them to discuss their own experiences and feelings. Safety planning and discussions around warning signs assists young women to make healthy choices for personal protection and prevention into future relationships.

Child Victim Witness

The Child Victim Witness Program offers support to children and their families when the child is either a victim or witness of a crime and may be required to testify in court.  The program offers updates related to the court appearances, information and education related to the criminal justice system, court preparation for children and their parents if they are required to testify in court, court accompaniment and referrals to other agencies when appropriate.  Referrals are primarily made by the Crown Attorney, but can come from the families themselves or other community partners.   Number of sessions is dependent on what the child requires. 

Women’s Groups

Three stages of groups are offered for women who have experienced family violence.  The first stage is a personal growth group where topics cover skills needed for healthy relationships.  The second stage is exploring your emotions, which builds on all the topics from stage one.  The third stage is a women’s wilderness weekend, where each woman works on a life goal while camping and participating in risk taking initiatives such as rock climbing, paddling and caving. 

Groups can be an empowering experience, promoting self growth and change in a safe, supportive environment.  Groups are small in size and pre-registration is required.

Next Steps Group

The Next Steps Program is an open 12- week education and support group for women to attend to reflect on how violence has impacted their lives. Women are welcome to attend as many or as few sessions as they find supportive. The group provides a safe and supportive environment for women to talk about and address their experiences with violence. The program covers topics including: understanding emotions, power and control, the impacts of violence, understanding and honouring anger, healthy communication, evaluating relationships and boundaries, and self-care.

Individual Support for Women

Short-term counselling and support is offered to assist and educate with family violence concerns.  Support may include safety planning, educating, court accompaniment, legal aid certificates, and assistance with advocating for and with further community supports as needed (police, CAS, DASO, Ingamo, Ontario Works, housing, etc) to ensure family safety. 

Family Court Support Program

Court Support Services are offered collaboratively by Ingamo Family Homes, Victim Services of Oxford County and Family Violence Counselling Program.  Direct services and support are offered to all domestic violence victims involved in the family court process in Oxford County. 

Court Support Staff work collaboratively with existing services for victims of domestic violence to ensure clients have access to the supports they need at every stage of the family court process.  This service will facilitate the client’s understanding and navigation of the family court system.

Caring Dads Program

The Caring Dads Program is an intervention program designed for men who have abused, neglected their children, or exposed them to abuse of their mother. Through the 17 sessions fathers will develop skills to cope in healthy ways with frustrating situations; understand how different fathering strategies and choices affect children; increase their awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviours; be provided with strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship. The program is a unique opportunity for men to connect as fathers and participate in discussions around improving their relationships with their children.

Supportive Mothering Program

The Supportive Mothering Program is a 12 session group program developed for mothers as a forum to reflect on how their parenting has been impacted by their own experiences with violence. The program is a unique opportunity for women to connect as mothers and develop an understanding of how different mothering strategies and choices affect children. The program also focuses on increasing awareness of controlling, abusive and neglectful attitudes and behaviours with a goal to practice strategies to strengthen mother-child relationships. The program also strives to develop a child-centred approach to parenting that includes: making decisions in parenting that encompasses the child’s needs including considerations of developmental stages, their lived experiences and their emotional resiliency.

Partner Contact Program

The Partner Contact Program is a service offered to victims of individuals participating in a Partner Assault Response Program (PAR or MARC).  The purpose of the Partner Contact Program is to provide a link between these victims of domestic violence and the Family Violence Counselling Program.  The Partner Contact Program provides services to current partners as well.  

They are provided with information that will assist them to maintain their safety during their (ex) partner’s involvement with the PAR/MARC group, as well as support and referrals to community services.   Individuals that utilize Partner Contact services are also given the opportunity to ask questions about the PAR/MARC group.  Information regarding partner’s participation will be shared, as well as any concerns we may have for safety.

MARC and PAR Programs

MARC and PAR are educational/counselling programs for men and women who have been abusive/controlling towards a spouse or intimate partner. Participants are mandated by the court following a guilty plea or a finding of guilt to attend the program as a condition of bail or other court order.

The MARC Program supports men to stop their abusive behaviour in their relationships and challenges them to take an active role in preventing woman abuse. The PAR Program supports and educates women on domestic violence and abusive and controlling behaviours and assists in recognizing unhealthy relationships.

The groups offered are 12 week programs after the initial assessment. Fees for court mandated participants entering the program are based on a sliding scale based on annual income to be determined at the assessment. Final discharge summary are sent to referral source. Voluntary clients (non-court mandated) are required to pay a total of 30.00 per session plus $20.00 registration fee (total of $380.00).


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