Individuals who contact the Children's Aid Society of Oxford County with questions or concerns for a child's well-being, will be connected to trained Child Protection Worker. Individuals reporting concerns of possible child abuse or neglect to the Society can expect to be asked a number of questions including some basic information about the child(ren) involved and general information about the family. While some questions may not seem relevant to the concern, Child Protection Workers must obtain as much information as possible about every situation in order to properly assess the situation. Child Protection Workers, using clear standards and guidelines, then determine the kind of support and service needed to keep children safe in situations involving child maltreatment.

Child Protection Workers investigate all allegations of child abuse and neglect. When there is concern for the immediately safety of a child, the worker will establish a preliminary plan to protect the child. Depending on the circumstances, the child might remain in the home with a safety plan, be placed in a safe home with a caregiver known to the child (refer to Kinship Service), or be placed in the care of the Children's Aid Society. Once a report has been made and assessed, an investigation may be conducted or the situation may be resolved through telephone contact with the family or through referrals to other community services. If an investigation is necessary, a Child Protection Worker will see the child(ren) within specified timelines depending on the severity of the concerns. If a child is in imminent danger, a Child Protection Worker will respond immediately.

In situations where ongoing protection services are required, the Children's Aid Society develops a service plan with the family either voluntary or involuntary through a Court Order. Goals are established to address and resolve the presenting risk factors. The Child Protection Worker will help identify service needs and assist the family with referrals to programs or community resources.