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Community Support Programs

The Community Support Department offer non-protection services that focus upon both prevention and intervention. From 909 James Street Community house, The Children's Aid Society of Oxford County, with the assistance of our service partners, such a The Board of Health, Community Health Center, Community Options for Justice, Early Years as well as The Family Violence Counseling Program offer barrier free services that are preventative and focused upon strengthening the factors of resiliency in both children and communities. Volunteer Services as well as the Family Visiting Program are also offered from the Community Support Department. Services that are offered by Community Support include:

The Family Visiting Program

Offers services to parents and children who are involved with the Children's Aid Society of Oxford County and are unable to live together. The Family Visiting Program focuses upon accentuating and enhancing protective factors that exist in the child parent relationship that will assist in children returning to the care of their caregivers.

909 James Street, Woodstock ~ Community House

909 James Street Community HouseThe emphasis of services offered at "The Open Door" have been developed to create a caring, resilient community in which children and caregivers are able to access services that are relevant to the needs identified by the residents of this housing complex. To date services that are available include: Breakfast program; Community Kids Learning; Children exposed to violence waitlist group; Shop and Swap; Women's Support Group; and Parent Connection.

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