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The Caring Dads Program is an intervention program designed for men who have abused, neglected and/or exposed their children to the abuse of their mother. It is a 17 session program which draws from the best practice in the fields of batterer intervention, parenting behaviour change, child maltreatment and working with resistant clients. Through the 17 sessions fathers will develop the skills to cope in healthy ways with frustrating situations, understand how different fathering strategies and choices affect children, increase their awareness of controlling, abusive, and neglectful attitudes and behaviours, and be provided with strategies to strengthen the father-child relationship. The program is a unique opportunity for men to connect as fathers and participate in discussions around improving their relationships with their children.

To learn more about the Caring Dads program, please contact the Children's Aid Society of Oxford County at 519-539-6176 or 1-800-250-7010.