The Children's Aid Society of Oxford County has some of the best volunteers imaginable. They give of their time and of themselves to make what sometimes can be difficult times better for the children and families we serve.

Children's Aid Society Volunteers....

  • Care about children and families in our community.
  • Are members of a team, helping staff to do their jobs.
  • Are committed, reliable individuals of all ages.
  • Share their skills, time and talents.
  • Experience personal growth and job satisfaction.
  • Expand their knowledge and skills.
  • Receive training and supervision.
  • Are very necessary people!

Volunteers Help in Many Ways:

Partner Contact Monitors:

Provide telephone support to women in abusive relationships.

Special Friends:

Act as role models and mentors to children and youth.

Volunteer Drivers:

Provide transportation for clients (usually children) to various appointments, groups, school etc.

Child Care Volunteers:

Provide care for children while parents are attending various groups.

Special Events and Fundraising:

Volunteers help in various ways with our Community Events and Programs.

Getting Started....


Every potential volunteer is given an interview by the Co-ordinator of Volunteer Services. The interview includes a description of the Society, the volunteer opportunities, and a chance for the volunteer to express their interests and strengths.


Each new volunteer attends a two hour orientation session which provides a general introduction to the Children's Aid Society. The orientation includes a tour, a video about the Society and coverage of the policies pertaining to volunteers.

Placement and Training

Volunteers are placed in positions that are mutually agreed upon by the Volunteer Co-ordinator and the volunteer. Time availability, current openings and the volunteer's interest are key factors in determining a suitable placement.

Further training is conducted by the staff or by other volunteers in the area of placement.