Adoption and Permanency Education Month November marks the beginning of Adoption and Permanency Education Month. This year we are reminded that this month represents an opportunity to remind all Ontarians of the many paths to permanency for children and youth in the child welfare system.

We work together with our community to keep children and youth safe and residing with their families and in their communities. When this isn’t possible, we do everything possible to engage their family networks to explore placement options that can support their needs for safety, well-being, and permanency.

The voices of children and youth are considered at every step of permanency planning and remain at the centre of adoption and permanency work. When adoption takes place, openness is prioritized, as it is essential for children and youth to maintain important relationships and connections to their communities and cultures.

This November, as we turn our minds to Adoption and Permanency education, let’s remember why we do the difficult and important work that we dedicate our days towards. All children and youth deserve to be safe, well, and to have life-long connections. It is through intentional and purposeful collaboration of every role in the organization that we keep the voices of children and youth at the centre of our work. Thank you to our staff who work directly with children, youth, and families pursuing adoption, and thank you to everyone who strives each day to ensure that every child and youth has permanent, life-long connections.