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DRESS PURPLE DAY – October 24, 2017 / #IBREAKthesilence

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Children’s Aid Can Help /Child Abuse Prevention Month

October is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Communities, boards of education, and schools across Ontario willl Dress Purple on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 to collectively speak up and share the message that child abuse and neglect can be prevented and that help is available. We encourage everyone in Oxford County to DRESS PURPLE on October 24th.

The tag line for Dress Purple Day is "It takes a village to keep kids safe." The social media hashtag for the campaign is #IBREAKthesilence.

Key Messages:  Principals and School Staff

  • Schools play an important role in protecting the rights of children and youth to safety and wellbeing and in helping families that may need support to keep their children safe. A teacher may be the only “helping” adult that a child encounters on a daily basis. Teachers can be the vital link for a child who may be abused or neglected.
  • Community members, professionals, and those who work with children can help children and families where there are concerns about their safety and well-being by calling their local Children’s Aid Society. The call they make leads to an offer of help.
  • A call to a Children’s Aid Society leads to an offer of help to a family. Ontario’s leading academic study on child abuse and neglect shows that children remained at home in 97 percent of CAS investigations. (Ontario Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect, 2013)
  • Professionals and those who work directly with children do not have to be sure abuse or neglect is happening when they call a Children’s Aid Society. They just need to use their best judgement. Children’s Aid Societies will make an assessment using trained workers to determine the risk in a situation.
  • Section 72 of the Child and Family Services Act states that the public, including professionals who work with children, must promptly report any suspicions that a child may be in need of protection to a Children’s Aid Society.
  • The Child and Family Services Act recognizes that professionals working closely with children have a special duty to report protection concerns to a Children’s Aid Society.
  • The Child & Youth Family Services Act will be replaced by the Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 when it is proclaimed into law. This is expected to happen in two stages. In early 2018, provisions regarding services to 16 and 17-year-old youth (raising the age of protection) will be proclaimed. In June 2018, all other parts of the Act will be proclaimed.

pdfKey Messages to Principals

Dress Purple Day Classroom Resources:  Boards of Education, Schools, Teachers, Parents

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This year, Dress Purple Classroom Resources are directed at students in junior kindergarten to grade five classes, with the goal of expanding support to middle and high school grades next year. The purpose of Dress Purple Classroom Resources is to assist teachers to talk about child abuse and neglect in an age appropriate manner and to help raise awareness among children about how to ask for help from adults in the community. Ensuring that children are aware of helping adults in their support network offers an important prevention tool for children and youth.

The classroom resources are built around the theme “It takes a village to keep kids safe.” The Dress Purple Day Classroom Resources are divided into four lessons:

  • “It Takes a Village to Keep Kids Safe,”
  • “Safety in the Village,”
  • “Well-being in the Village,” and
  • “Dress Purple Day: #IBREAKthesilence”

Dress Purple Classroom Resources are available in English here.

Dress Purple Classroom Resources are available in French here.

The Dress Purple Classroom Resources website page requests teachers to voluntarily provide their school name and the grade they teach to facilitate tracking the participation of schools in the Dress Purple campaign. Teachers are also requested to voluntarily provide their email. This email will only be used for the purposes of evaluating the Dress Purple Classroom Resources at the end of October.

pdfKey Messages – Dress Purple Day Child_Abuse Prevention Month 2017

More Dress Purple Day Resources:

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Downloadable Campaign Posters:

pdfDress Purple Poster (Backpack version)

pdfDress Purple Poster (Sneaker version)

pdfOctober is Child Abuse Prevention Month Poster

Downloadable Info Graphics:

pdf5 Types of Abuse 

pdfEmotional Abuse 

pdfExposure to Intimate Partner Violence 


pdfPhysical Abuse   

pdfPreventing Child Abuse 

pdfSexual Abuse

pdfWhat can you Do to Prevent Child Abuse